Friday, 23 November 2007

Rhydian: Quiff News

A lot of jealous negative comments about Rhydian today mainly from lifeless hacks filling space in provincial newspapers.
The Middleton Guardian reports,"Meanwhile, on top of the misery of (...waffle about sport...), more misery is being heaped on the Land of My Fathers.
And this time it is because of the one thing that we actually look likely of winning. I’m talking about that whippy-haired, ego-manic freak show that goes by the name of Rhydian on the X-Factor.
Believe me, if you don’t do something to stop him you are surely going to send up seeing this pompous little fellow voted the winner by Christmas."

And from the little know and even littler read
My Park Magazine,"22 November 2007 - Foghorn-voiced Rhydian Roberts is to cover a Barbra Streisand song on the forthcoming edition of the X Factor." Foghorn? They cement their musical knowledge by stating, "Beverley is set to have a go at Without You - a beautiful ballad originally sung by Harry Nilsson but made legendary by Mariah Carey in the 1990s." which as any fool knows was made legendary by Harry and warbled all over by Mariah and also by Leona Lewis (Mariah-lite singer and last year's Rhydian)
And to answer the question we have all been asking for weeks visit Answer Questions where they pose,If Rhydian was a chocolate bar, which one would he be and why?
Answers include:-
Dunno about chocolate bar but reckon he could be a pepperami
Not a yorkie anyway - too camp for that!!!!!
One of those Toffee or caramel ones that gets left behind in the Roses tin.....hehehehe
I think he would be a Double Decker. As there are so many layers of him, so many different sides of him. He can be serious, elaborate, funky, is there anything this guy can't do?
in a bizarre way he does resemble the "milky bar kid"...only a lot older and taller
Hard on outside soft on inside caramel or cream
turkish delight..... they're disgusting.
Something nutty.
a williy wonker bar coz hes a gay ponce aristocratic wannabe
A milkybar!!! - eccentric yet strangely tasty. Extra moreish and enjoyable

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