Saturday, 24 November 2007

Rhydian: Shock Horror Scandal!

Shock Horror at the X Factor! Sharon O described Beverley's performance as 'causing her to have goosebumps'. An hour or so later she realised that she had been sitting in a draught so she sacrificed Beverley for the almost indescribably bad Hope. One 'singer' fewer and and one week nearer to Rhydian having the X Factor crown placed upon his magically coiffured head.
And already reviews are flooding in to us here at the Rhydian Factor. Here are a couple of the earliest:-

Bright vision blog spot on as usual,"Hello everyone! I have just been watching the X Factor show with my beloved. Once again Rhydian stood out with his excellent performance tonight. He was absolutely brilliant! I just couldn’t take my eyes off him as he sang. He made the song so special! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s loss is most definitely our gain! He is so versatile and I love to see his talent each week. He is as my beloved said, sensational!"

Still the best blog in the world Exitainment has an almost perfect summary tonights show, apart from her nit-picking criticism of Rhydian.
Starting off with SD,"He is a lot better than her. She needs to stop gurning.Their family seemed a bit touchy feely. I'm not really into all that.",
Niki, "She rolled out the dead dad again! Wrong! She sang the sort of ballad my mum used to play in the car."
Rhydian, "(He) was back in full-on serial killer mode this week, shifty eyed and looking like he'd had a run in with an angry orange. The song he sang was dreadful, it had no tune at all. God knows why Dannii was crying I can only presume she was drunk or on her period"
Leon, "I was disappointed Leon did swing. I hate swing!"
and a perfect summary of the result, "I enjoyed the end when Beverley went. I was glad Hope stayed as they are more interesting and I enjoyed Simon's gloating. Fuck you, Louis! You've only got Dead Dad now and you know she's no match for the angry orange."

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Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

of course i don't mind you quoting me... I enjoy your blog (even if it's a little excessive- are you related to Rhydian?!)
I have no idea what a feed burner is... I'm not very techie...
Keep up the mental work! :-)

25 November 2007 at 01:17  

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