Thursday, 15 November 2007

Rhydian song for week 5: Go West

Made famous by demurely dressed Village People and the Pet Shop Boys this is possibly the perfect disco song for 2007 X Factor winner Rhydian. The song is “is a rallying cry for the colonization of the American West and is also generally understood as an expression of the 1970s sentiment of San Francisco as a utopia for the Gay Liberation movement “ according to Wikapedia's entry. But the Welsh Wonder is not going to sing it straight. According to his blog entry he is going to attempt to mash up disco, opera, dance and a Welsh male voice choir.
Rumours abound that Rhyd will emerge from a giant disco mirrorball at the beginning of the song dressed from head to foot in a silver spandex bodysuit but these have been denied by ITV. Expect your television and your brain to go into meltdown some time early Saturday evening.
Although she's doing well for him this week Rhydian's mentor Dannniiii has yet again failed to find a song that Leon can connect with and make his own. On the official X Factor site she is quoted as saying, “We've tried really hard but there just aren't any disco songs about stage fright.”
Sadly, with an upbeat disco song the 'prozac pair' Same Difference are sure to survive. Where is the X Factor Jacques Brel or Leonard Cohen week when you really need it.
MP3s of Go West
Village People:Go West
Pet Shop Boys:Go West

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