Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Rhydian: To be used by Met Office

The Exeter Express has reported that an image of X Factor 2007 winner Rhydian Roberts is to be used by the Met Office as the new symbol for frost. A spokesman for the weather forecasters is quoted as saying, "We saw Rhydian singing Get the Party Started in his sparkly suit, white furs and icy hair and knew instantly that he would make a perfect frosty weather symbol. We've been trying to update our symbols for some time to make the forecast more interesting to young people and we think Rhydian would be ideal for this." When he was asked if any of the other X Factor contestants could serve a similar purpose he said, "Well, we thought that Leon could be used to represent drizzle and someone suggested that Hope could be a symbol for one of those Summer days that starts warm and you expect to be hot but unfortunately just turns out to be tepid."
Reader Malcolm has suggested a song that he would like Rhydian to sing is Mother by John Lennon. It's a hard one, extremely personal, angry and brilliant, but it could work.
MP3 John Lennon:Mother

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