Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Rhydian: X Factor News

Some quick highlights of recent X Factor News that may have escaped fans. The top Simon Cowell blog Simon Times (quoting a Sun article) reports that the scandal the nation is calling Skate Gate is still rumbling on. Brian Friedman said, “Simon took particular offence to the roller skates the other week...I honestly don’t believe he didn’t like them – it’s hypocritical. He loves the the dances when it’s his acts, but when others do it, it’s camp."
A bizarre article from the Daily Mail reports of a disquieting violent incident in Wales. A lorry driver called Anthony Calvert (45)from Aberystwyth , flew into a rage in a bar when Adam Davies, 19, compared him to Simon Cowell(who by law we must describe as X-Factor's Mr Nasty), saying: "You look just like Simon Cowell". Mr Calvert: "I asked if he was taking the p*** out of me. He said: "Yes, I f***ing am!". I felt threatened and assaulted him."
Mr Calvert does bear a resemblance to Cowell but only from the eyebrows upwards. (see the article for a photo)
Tensions are obviously running high in Wales and it's still 3 weeks to the final. If Rhydian doesn't win (not 3 words you will see together often) then expect it to kick off big time.

The Rugby Observer reports on Futureproof (X Factor losers) switching on the town's Christmas lights. It also quashes rumours that the band are splitting:the rumour was that the two short guys were forming a duo called Bookends and the three tall ones were going to rebrand themselves as Betamax. Simply not true.
Rhydian Factor blog of the day is James Masterson(totally not notable) and his perceptive take on the competition this year, first up, "...the Scary Twins. Now I don't care how well you are able to sing or how good you look in a twirly dress, if you gaze down the TV screen with intense pinprick staring eyes you are simply going to scare the crap out of me. .. half the country is convinced the brother and sister duo are sleeping with each other... The evil part of me actually wants them to end up coming close to winning, just to see if one or both of them finally does wet themselves on stage in excitement." His good taste continues, "Leon has been so unremarkable over the past few weeks that he hasn't even developed enough of a personality to get a nickname"
Now onto our man, "
For the first few weeks it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that Robot Boy[Robot Boy!?] was going to stroll off with the contest. The producers appear to be taking a perverse delight in placing him in as many ridiculous situations and settings as possible, all the while setting off his already somewhat unique image. The best thing about him of course is that no matter what the setting, no matter how campy the performance, all he has to do is open his mouth and he is Mario Lanza reborn." Well said that man.
Jim Shelly article in today's Guardian. How to make an X Factor TV Dinner, "Toss in a stomach-turning, gurning brother-and-sister combo, five ultrafrothy Sugababes and a poor man's Gareth Gates you can find in any cheap supermarket (opening it)." No idea who he is referring to.
New Rhydian Product on E Bay ALERT!: The Rhydian Pillow £7.49 Pillowcase with Rhydian image. Cream or white colour. Wording '...... loves Rhydian'. The winner can have their name put on the pillowcase (included in the price). Standard size.
I can see the Rhyd Pillow selling well. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Same Difference Pooper Scooper. Still no offers.

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