Thursday, 15 November 2007

Rhydian: You Won't Fool the Children of the Revolution

Less than 48 hours to go till we get more music and drama from the Rhydler and I got to thinking why it is that the man deserves to win so much. Is it the voice or the looks? The honest charm of the man? Maybe it's the way that he seems to wind so many people up that appeals? No! The reason he has to win is that he, almost single handedly, has brought back glamour to music. He has brought attitude, drama, spectacle and let's not forget sequins to a run of the mill Saturday night talent contest. When he first appeared standing in the middle of the audience in his furs during Get the Party Started (not even his best performance) you realised he had taken the competition by the scruff of the neck and was shaking it with disdain.
In last year's competition a dress worn by Leona became a best seller because she wore it in one show. This year I want the Rhydian effect to take hold - to brighten up this drab nation. I want Rhydian to be the second coming of Glam. I want everyone to get out their glitter, sequins and facepaint, and party like it's 1972.
Rant over.
MP3s- 70's glam
Suzi Quatro: 48 Crash
Alvin Stardust:My Coo-ca-choo
Slade:Coz I Luv You
TRex:Solid Gold Easy Action

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