Sunday, 25 November 2007

Rhydian:goes to the country

Who is the greatest Welsh singer? When I started this blog that was a question I wanted to find the answer to so I added a poll to gauge public opinion. It's in the right hand column about two thirds of the way down the page. The polling company I picked only allowed seven options for the answer(no room for Aled Jones, Charlotte Church or Gruff Rhys), however, after 234 votes these are the results so far. Rhydian(61%), James Dean Bradfield(16%), Tom Jones (11%), Shirley Bassey (8%), Bonnie Tyler(2%), Max Boyce(2%) and Cerys Matthews(0%)
I know its not scientific as most visitors are Rhydian fans but it is encouraging. Also good to see Max Boyce, who I added as a joke, beating Cerys Matthews.
Other Xfactor/Rhydian polls worth voting in:-

Polls Boutique are running a Do you think Rhydian should win this year's X Factor? 25 votes so far. Definately 52%, Definately Not 48%. Worrying.
X Factor Fan Site have a poll about your favourite X Factor Judge, 319 votes. Simon 39%, Sharon 34%, Dannii 18%, Louis 8%

Toluna : have a poll called Does Anyone fancy Rhydian out of the X Factor? 230 votes. 7% yes, 93% no. This makes you wonder what sort of idiots are visiting Toluna. You get a clue if you look at some of their other polls such as, What do you think of this fancy new polling tool? and my favourite, If you fancy a girl/boy what do you do? Only 2 votes and 50% say 'Ignore Them'

MP3:Radiohead:Lucky(acoustic version) suggested as a song for Rhydian to sing by a reader

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