Friday, 23 November 2007

Rhydian:in Fantasy X Factor

Only about 24 hours to go till Rhydian picks up a love song and uses it to wipe the floor with the opposition. 24 hours till you have to vote. 24 hours till Hope become No Hope. I can hardly wait so I thought that to distract myself I would play a game of Fantasy X Factor...just imagine how good this program could be if they really put some effort into it.
After seemingly months of the 4 mentors listening to every deluded pub singer in the land (you're talking crazy!) it is Week 1 on the X Factor and it's Jacques Brel week. The special guest is Marc Almond who talks to all 10 of the contestants about the poetry and keen use of metaphor in Brel's work. As a further tribute to the great French songwriter the whole program, intros, judges comments are spoken in French.
"Mesdames et messieurs il est Rhydian". Rhydian decides to tackle, Ne Me Quitte Pas following the Nina Simone version, full lush orchestration, almost speaking the first verse then beautifully singing the second. The camera picks out audience members crying. Three of the judges give a standing ovation. Louis, "Je ne peux pas vous voir vendre des disques", Sharon, "Peux je voir votre coffre?"
Bizarrely, Sharon chooses the song Mathilde for Kimberley to sing. She is in the bottom two and the judges agree she should return to barwork. There are rumours that France may break off diplomatic relations with the UK because of her performance in the show.

MP3~ Nina Simone:Ne Me Quitte Pas ;Scott Walker: Mathilde
video: Jacques Brel: Ne me Quitte Pas

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