Monday, 12 November 2007

Rhydian:news from the blogs

What does the world of blogs think of the Rhydler's killer performance on Saturday?
The Bright Vision blog(the sort of blog that would be approved by Dame Thora Hird) reports:
"The performance of the night was Rhydian, which was no surprise to us! We both look forward to seeing and experiencing his performances, as we are never disappointed. I would love to have a DVD of his performances from the shows and see him perform. Last night’s performance ... was raised to a new height by Rhydian’s interpretation; it held us spell bound!"
They then spoil it a little by saying, "We always feel happy and uplifted whenever the group, Same Difference perform, as they are so obviously happy and put so much professionalism into each performance."

Peggy's Shirley Bassey Blog which is the place to go for all you Bassmeister information said: "Wow! Rhydian will win the UK’s X Factor singing contest!
He’s a kind of male vocal equivalent of DSB(Dame Shirley Bassey)… powerful, expressive, and born in music-mad Cardiff"
Perez Hilton who a week ago was slagging Rhydian "Think of him like the British Sangina or Gayken." now has had a suprising change of mind,"We may have misjudged Rhydian! He is our favorite on this season of the X Factor, but we thought he was a one-trick pony. A deliciously camp and over-the-top entertainer. Well, he is that….and much more."
Brilliant blog DanniisXFactor(quoting the Sun):"X Factor favourite Rhydian Roberts was stunned when David Walliams asked for a special audience with him."

and finally, The Shropshire Star never one for hyperbole, Louis Walsh told Rhydian: “I’ve heard hundreds and thousands of covers of that song and yours was one of the best I’ve ever heard."

Having to listen to thousands of covers of You Raise me Up sounds like some sort of Guantanamo Bay soft-torture technique. Maybe that explains why Louis seems so bewildered this series.

MP3s-ages till Rhydian sings again so some more disco

Heatwave:Boogie Nights
KC and the Sunshine Band:I'm Your Boogie Man
Sister Sledge:We Are Family
video:Sister Sledge:He's the greatest dancer.
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Blogger Helen said...

Thanks for finding the version of John Lennon's song 'Woman', as we both love his songs, which show his struggles. I am so glad that he met his soul mate in Yoko, just as I have with Malcolm. Thanks again for your accurate description of my blog; we love it!

15 November 2007 at 20:39  

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