Saturday, 24 November 2007

Rhydian:Sings Somewhere, X Factor Week 6

Ladiesssss and Gentlemen, Rrrrhydian. The beautific bouffanted baritone from the valleys steps out. Silver and blue. We hold our breath waiting for his to begin. Orchestra plays the introductory chord gently as the applause dies down. You can still here a few people booing here and there in the audience from Niki's previous performance. Put that nightmare behind you because you are about to hear beauty, power and style - all combined into one package. Somewhere. He begins gently, controlled and you find yourself missing the sailor suit till he hits "We'll find a new way of living" and you are with him emotionally. The ending is powerful beyond belief. There is a place for us, somewhere. Somewhere there is someone unmoved by this. Somewhere.

It's about now that you realise that for the last two and a half minutes you haven't been breathing. You can breathe again.
You've just been taken somewhere else.

(Did Sharon really say, "Lloyd Webber messed up on you, Mister"???)

Louis: A true pro, head and shoulders above everyone else
Sharon: Lloyd Webber messed up on you Mister
Simon: Vocals perfect, incredible winner
Danniiii: So beautiful, just incredible


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Blogger Lou said...

It was beautiful, and I voted, but I'm worried, I hope it wasn't 'too opera', I hope people wont go off trying to save someone else thinking he's safe. Actually, let me clarify, his voice was beautiful - but I felt, and this is just a personal thing, that there's a better song for his voice - that just didn't seem enough somehow.

24 November 2007 at 20:28  
Blogger Tameside Eye said...

Yeah the song was rather bland. However he did carry it off beautifully.

24 November 2007 at 21:06  

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