Thursday, 22 November 2007

Rhydian:Song for week 6 ~Somewhere

Week 6 in the X Factor house and Danniii has caused a major shock. After a week of rumours about changed songs, threatened walkouts and Simon's sexuality she has picked a good song for Rhydian to sing. A corker. One the Rhydmeister will do true justice too, not too obvious, not some cloying pap but a good solid show tune. Thank you Dannii, you are a star. The song Somewhere is from Bernstein and Sondheim's West Side Story - a modern version of Romeo and Juiliet and has been covered by everyone from Bassey and Streisand all the way down to Leona Lewis (last year's Rhydian)
Even better news is that, according to the Sun, Westlife will not be allowed to sing their current single on saturday's show.
Rhydian's latest Myspace blog entry is well worth a read. He talks about being more comfortable about this weeks song and he is going to be wearing a plain grey suit! Let's hope he is not getting boring on us.
MP3s~ A Somewhere Special . Which version will be the best for the Rhydification process?(answer:Bassey's). If you want to hear an amazing vocal style please listen to the PJ Proby version. It's about time there was a PJ Proby revival. This man can sing.
West Side Story filmscore:Somewhere;Tom Waits:Somewhere;Pet Shop Boys:Somewhere;Matt Munroe:Somewhere;PJ Proby:Somewhere;Barbra Streisand:Somewhere;Shirley Bassey live version of Somewhere;Leona Lewis & IlDivo:Somewhere


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