Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Rhydian:Songs to Sing for Best of British Week

An interesting choice of song for Rhydian to sing on Best of British night was suggested by Sparrow Girl on the Digital Spy forum. Prince Charming by Adam Ant. The song has a great Red Indian chant intro that Rhydian could do well. If Rhydian is going to give an over the top camp performance for one of his songs this Saturday then maybe this could be the one. Certainly the vocals wouldn't cause him any problems. Or the dance moves. But would he be prepared to swing across the stage on a chandelier? I'm not sure but it might just work.
Even better would be if the X factor producers used the other remaining contestants as extras for Rhydian's performance, all dressed up as dandies as in the video. Wouldn't it be truly superb to see him singing, "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of" to Hope and the others.

(For any readers unfamiliar with Digital Spy it has the best X Factor forums and of course a massive
Rhydler Appreciation Thread. But newcomers beware, there are some scary rooms in there, in particular over 1000 pages of Eton Road Appreciation. The Rhydian Factor takes no responsibilities for the content of external sites)

MP3 Adam Ant:Prince charming
video Adam Ant: Prince Charming The video receives this classic comment by one viewer on You Tube, "I was thinking this seemed really gay until the greased male dancers showed up"

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