Monday, 26 November 2007

Rhydian:week 7 is Best of British Week

Week 7 on the X Factor is Best of British Week. All acts will sing 2 songs. Surely we don't have to sit through Niki and the rest of them murdering two innocent songs. Couldn't Rhydian sing 6 and the other four acts sing 1 a piece. Best of British also brings up the spectre of a Queen song. Many are already clammering for the Rhydification of Boh Rhap, Don't Stop Me Now or Flash. If Danniiii wants her man to go pop/rock opera then we suggest something a little more sophisticated; The Associates. Or, if she still wants bombast we have the perfect suggestion,Stockholm Syndrome by Muse.
Stockholm Syndrome starts at 100 miles per hour and just never lets up, everything sounds distorted and frantic, almost unreal. It's not subtle but it is undeniably forceful. I can see Rhydian dressed head to toe in a tight fitting black leather suit and ankle length leather overcoat, almost obscured by a stage full of dry ice as he sings this. And the studio audience are going into meltdown, screaming along with him. The picture cuts to Simon and instead of that slightly embarrassed look he normally has when an act is singing, now he is biting his bottom lip and headbanging frantically in time to the music.
Just imagine Hope trying to follow this with some lame version of a Spice Girls song.

"And this is the last time I'll forget you....I wish I could, I wish I could"

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Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

I love Stockholm Syndrome!

27 November 2007 at 14:49  

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