Sunday, 11 November 2007

Songs Rhydian should sing: Johnny Remember Me

Songs the Rhydler Should Sing#1:Johnny Leyton~Johnny Remember Me
An occasional wish list of songs that Rhydian should sing inspired by the poor choice of a Westlife song for week 4 of the competition. These suggestions will steer miles clear
of the obvious - they will be either purposefully obscure or designed to annoy music snobs. Yes, of course, Rhydian could do sterling work on operatic material and the complete works of Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones and Queen as well as Radiohead's Creep but lets wish for something a little different.
Number one in 1961 for Johnny Leyton, this song about lost love has Johnny hearing the sorrowful voice of his girl sighing in the wind across the moors and in the treetops. Desolate lyrics over a jaunty western rock and roll beat, produced by the legendary Joe Meek. Rhydian would be perfect to make it his own. ______________________________________________________________
MP3s: 1960s R'n'R from Johnny Leyton
Johnny Leyton:
Johnny Remember Me
Johnny Leyton:Wild Wind
video: Johnny Leyton:
Johnny Remember Me
official site of Johnny
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