Monday, 12 November 2007

Songs Rhydian should sing: Life Is A Pigsty

Songs the Rhydler should sing #2:Life Is A Pigsty~Morrissey.
Avoiding the obvious choices of power ballads, Bond themes and Queen songs (although he would sing them well) I think Rhydian should sing this song, the centrepiece of miserable, Mancunian Morrissey's album Ringleader of the Tormentors. It begins with the sound of drizzle, a doom laden piano and a string section drone. Then Morrissey, "It's the same old S.O.S. But with brand new broken fortunes". After two verses the song changes to Morrissey sighing the title words over and over, his voice getting higher and more angst ridden till his marevellous falsetto tears your heart apart. An electric guitar hits in as he sings "And I'd been shifting gears all along my life. But I'm still the same underneath" And then climactically "Can you stop this pain...Even now in the final hour of my life. I'm falling in love again"
Just imagine Rhydian ripping apart the nation with this song. Life would never be the same again.

And think of Dermot shouting out to the audience, "It's Morrissey week this week on the X Factor. ARE YOU READY TO BE MAUDLIN?" But maybe best of all, what song would Same Difference do? They would definately be voted out in Morrissey week.

MP3: Morissey~Life Is A Pigsty
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Blogger Malcolm said...

Excellent song choice for Rhyd! My preferred song would be John Lennon's "Mother" simply because just at the point when I thought that was a song no-one would dare (or be able) to cover, I realized there was one who could.

13 November 2007 at 21:38  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

Thanks for commenting Malcolm. I am ashamed to say that I'm not familiar with that Lennon song. I will 'check it out'
From your blogger profile I noticed you like a bit of Monk and Coltrane. Good man!

14 November 2007 at 00:57  

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