Saturday, 22 December 2007

Rhydian : Bad Hair Day

The Mens Hair Care Tips Blog (the bald facts about the hair industry) has a list of the Brylcreem Best and Worst Hairstyles of 2007. Rhydian ' the haircut' Roberts features in one list and bizarrely it is not in one of the 'best' lists.
He comes third in the Worst TV Personality Hairstyles of 2007.
1. James May(Top Gear), 2. Simon Cowell, 3. Rhydian, 4. Vernon Kaye 5. Peter Andre
Are they mad...Brylcreem is a company whose main product is perfect for the making of quiffs, for getting your hair to stick up electric shock style from your scalp. One can't help but feel that they are missing a trick on a massive scale. Rhydian should be their man of the year. Not only has he the best hair in pop, he is constantly changing it's style. If they made him haircut of the year their product would sell liked greased (should that be bryled) lightning.
And who do they think has the best TV hair? 1. Richard Hammond ?. Please examine carefully the accompanying photograph. One of these men has unique individual style and looks every inch a star, whereas one looks like shit. The fact that Rhydian didn't win this is a scandal almost greater than ITV rigging the phone voting. Now is the time to start the boycott the Brylcreem campaign, slogan: Give the Grease the Elbow

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brylcreem are idiots. Some other hair product company should get in there.

23 December 2007 at 19:25  
Anonymous Annoyed Richard AND Rhydian fan said...

oi!! Richard's hair is great! all right maybe not in that pic s much as normal but hey. Rhydian should have got 1st best i agree but Richard does not look like shit.

24 December 2007 at 16:42  

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