Monday, 17 December 2007

X Factor News:Leon banned, Ofcom looks into scandal, Leon off tune

X Factor News Aplenty:
Radio stations owned by Town and Country Broadcasting in Wales have banned the winning X Factor single by swinging Leon Jackson. They've done this not on what would be perfectly acceptable grounds of taste but because listeners couldn't get through on the phone lines to vote for Rhydian. Listeners to Bridge FM, Swansea Bay Radio, Radio Carmarthenshire, Radio Pembrokeshire and Scarlet FM will be spared Leon 'tuning problems' Jackson's version of the dreadful Mariah Carey song. Expect a sudden increase in property prices in these areas as people try to move there.
Can't we all be spared the sound of Leon singing. We've suffered almost 3 months of him already.

newspaper report here
And in scenes reminiscent of George Bush's controversial contested victory, Ofcom may look into 80 complaints from viewers unable to get through and vote. ITV has also been hit by protests as Rhydian fans flooded the ITV website with complaints and accusations that the contest was fixed.
Also rumours have been circulating about a possible reason for Leon's 'Jazz' singing style. The voices of all the show's contestants are fed through a piece of kit called
Autotunes (industry standard software that corrects minor intonation problems in real time - the Spice Girls use it religiously) It moves the pitch of the sung note to the nearest note in the key, but apparently some of the notes that Leon was hitting were so far away from the intended that Autotunes just couldn't cope. Hence the, how shall we say, improvisational feel of some of Leon's singing.

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Anonymous Impartial observer said...

Rhydian has an amazing voice and probably deserved to win overall - although I felt he sounded deeply uncomfortable singing the single (and he's probably dodged a bullet by not being star of the Cowell stardom mill this year) - but why is everyone being so mean about Leon? I think he has a nice voice, seems a charming young man and I think people should stop sucking their lemons and wish a nice lad who can sing well all the best. Rhydian will be a success no matter what - surely there's enough good fortune to go around?

18 December 2007 at 00:17  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

I've just been listening to his version of the single again and to be honest its starting to grow on me. It is one of his most unusual performances - he really reigns his voice in. He doesn't sound uncomfortable in the slightest. Uncomfortable is the feeling I get when I hear Leon hit note after note off-key. He is a nice enough lad, but a piss poor singer.
But I agree with you - I shall stop being horrible to poor wee Leon,it's childish, although I will report any comments about him by others that I find amusing.

18 December 2007 at 00:29  
Anonymous Impartial observer said...

Now what I really want to hear Rhydian tackle is stuff like Nella Fantasia, the Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, Time to Say Goodbye and perhaps some high-power ballads. And maybe 'All I ask of you' from Phantom. And stuff from Les Mis. Let Leon keep the single and his poison chalice SYCO/19/BMG contract. I wish them both (Rhydian and Leon) every success. And I wish Same Difference a two-year contract with Disney touring High School Musical around Asia. :) (just kidding!)

18 December 2007 at 00:42  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

Some good choices. You can't beat a bit of Bach.
I'd love him to sing Bond theme tunes, Morrissey B-sides, Phantom of the Opera, Bach and Scott Walker. And thats just the first album. And I'd like him to sing them whilst wearing the glitter suit and striding around the stage like he owns it.

18 December 2007 at 00:49  

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