Thursday, 22 November 2007

Other Contestants in the X Factor #2: Hope

I recently posted about my search for blogs about other X Factor contestants, starting with Same Difference. I thought I'd better cover Hope (aka Ho'zone) before they are eliminated from the competition this Saturday. The group, who have cruelly been described as 'only four resignation letters away from being a great girl band', seem to have no one madly blogging about them. Sure they have a nice looking Bebo group where fans can leave comments like, "Charleee is tooo sexccc" plus various Facebook pages, go on, give them a poke(sorry) but no blog activity until I found this: Ultimate Hope a quite nice looking site except it only contains 2 posts then they gave up, both made on 10th November,"Hope did a breathtaking performance of Back to Black. I thought it sounded better than the original. The judges comments were generally positive however Danii concentrated on two notes of the song through her WHOLE review"
Unfortunately no one seems that interested in Hope. I think we can all agree that you know you have arrived when people start selling clocks with your image on them. Check out this ideal stocking filler on E Bay here

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