Thursday, 20 December 2007

Rhydian: News

Showbiz Spy has a good feature on Rhydian and his recent interview on Real Radio Wales. In the interview he tells about his current location in an Oxfordshire cottage, hiding from the press. He states that although very shocked when the results on Saturday were announced, he feels it may work out for the best. And he thanked his fans, "I just want to say thanks so much to any body who have believed in me, supported me or picked up the phone and voted. I said on the show, and Dermot said ‘it’s not that expensive’, but it is expensive to vote and I appreciate that."

In recent posts I have bemoaned the lack of X Factor product available on EBay. Of course Rhydian has had clocks, mugs, T shirts, photos, car number plates and my favourite the wipe clean laminated bookmark available for weeks. The others however have had nothing until recent times. There is now a slew of tat devoted to that tuneless tyke, West Lothian lothario Leon. Highlights are a Leon Crosstitch pattern. That's right you can reproduce Leon's face using needle and thread. A seller who knows their market there!
More great things to buy your loved ones for Christmas. How about a Futureproof website? That's right you could purchase and give them the domain name for the most inappropriately named band in music history : Available
here on Ebay for £20. The price seemed a little steep to me so I emailed the buyer asking if he would reduce it to 50p. I received this reply, "The price is an extremely fair valuation considering it cost £10 to register and that it's an extremely popular domain based on visits and Google ranking. I find your question an insult!"

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