Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Rhydian: Fantasy X Factor week 2

It's still what seems like an age till we feast on some new performances by it's time to play Fantasy X Factor; imagine how good this program could really be. Week 2.
After the disastrous Jacques Brel theme in week 1, memories of Kimberley's version of Mathilde are thankfully fading. Simon announces, "This week we are going to up the energy levels a little - it's Post Punk week."
Most of the acts struggle except, oddly, Hope who give by far their best performance of the series replicating Delta 5's 'Why Don't You Mind Your Own Business' to perfection and Leon who gives a feisty peformance of 'Rip It Up' by Orange Juice. Then it's time for the one everyone is waiting for...the intro features Simon, again, saying, "I Think Rhydians taking a very big risk with this song..the sort of hallowed song you shouldn't go near. He could fall flat on his face this week"
Ladiesssss and Gentlemen, It'ssssss Rhydiann! The bassline starts and it becomes instantly clear that he is going to sing Atmosphere by Joy Division, the audience are on their feet cheering. Dressed all in black, no theatrics, he sings it straight with a pure voice; an operatic, heartfelt version. The audience errupt.
Unfortunately this is the week that Daniel is eliminated for his confused version of The Gang of Four's 'Love Like Anthrax' and Emily after receiving negative comments from Louis attacks him backstage with a baseball bat. She is thrown off the show.

videos: delta 5: mind your own..., Joy Division:Atmosphere, Orange Juice: Rip It Up, Magazine: Permafrost, Gang of 4:Love Is Like Anthrax

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