Saturday, 22 December 2007

Rhydian on ITV Wales, 21st Dec 2007

Charming mini interview and a bit of carol singing from the he says that he will be touring on his own after the X factor tour. Many thanks to Fay for pointing it out to me in the first place.

Rhydian On ITV Wales 21st November 2007 - Funny blooper videos are here
Other X Factor News: It's the 21st December and in a hot off the press news report titled Leon Wins, Music Mike has his say, "I have been involved in the 'Music Game' for over 40 years, working with acts of all descriptions. Long before Mr. Cowell even dreamt up his 'Quick Buck schemes', it was taken for granted that every entertainer worth their salt, had to serve an 'Apprenticeship', Simon, I am utterly disgusted with your conduct, but I suppose you have to keep earning a crust, to keep your 'conservatively expensive' cars on the road. Tell me, which type of car will Leon be driving, in 6 months time, let alone 12 months?"
I didn't realise that Leon was old enough to drive but it got me thinking...what sort of car would suit Leon? It would have to be one that has bad tuning and breaks down every ten minutes
I reported recently about an article detailing the X Factor voting intentions of the Jewish community. Most favoured was Rhydian but one man was for Same Difference, Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Head of Community Development of Liberal Judaism , "(he) prefers SD for their cheesiness and the good role model they set for family values. " I wonder if he will be changing his opinion after Sean was reported as saying, “I do not like paying that much for a beer. Those are London prices and I do not expect to pay that – I suppose that makes me a bit of a jewboy.”

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Anonymous pupa said...

OMG he is sooo sweet

23 December 2007 at 01:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omg...did u see the guy in the red scarf trying to out sing Rhydian lol.
I Love you Rhyd

24 December 2007 at 06:30  

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